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A whole dollar?!?!? Satina is enthralled! (although she is a child and doesn't quite grasp the worth of overworld money). For this, you'll get access to the PATREON DISCORD!! Talk and text with the crew and other fans of Satina! (We also have cool emotes ;) )
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Five dollars, not bad! Dave politely thanks you, despite being nervous about whether or not this will cover his child support bills. For this, you'll get access to the SATINA PRODUCTION BLOG! This includes text updates about where the crew is at with the next short, as well as screenshots, gifs, and movie clip previews!
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TEN Dollars! You've briefly won over Lucia, who gives you a stern yet affirming nod. This tier will allow you to be able to vote on a MONTHLY PICTURE that will get drawn by yours truly! Voting will happen here on Patreon on the second Saturday of each month. (To be able to suggest topics for this monthly picture, refer to the 20 dollar tier.)
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About Hannah Daigle

Hi there!
 I'm Hannah, and I'm the creator of everyone's favorite bastard demon child, SATINA!

Satina started off as a concept for a class assignment, but I quickly grew attached to her and accidentally developed an entire backstory with world building and a whole other ensemble of characters. It happens.

Eventually I shared her with the internet and I quickly realized that a lot of people loved her just as much as I did! It fueled me to develop Satina’s world even further and gave me the strength I needed to finish my student film and Tina’s debut, Satina Wants a Glass of Water. The support that so many strangers have shown me has absolutely blown me away and I can’t possibly thank everyone enough.

While it feels good to have completed a fully animated short all on my own, there are some areas where I just don’t have enough experience in that would be better off with added help. That’s why I’ve recruited the help of a small group of very talented artists, animators, and writers to come on board, so that I may get more polished episodes out quicker to all of you!

The only problem is that I would like to pay these guys for all the amazing work they’re doing, and unfortunately I am a college student with not a lot of money to spare. That’s where Patreon comes in, as you can probably guess! With the help of ~~CROWDFUNDING~~, we will be able to compensate everyone on the team, as well as expand our budget to allow even more talent onto the crew - voice actors, background artists, musicians, and the like. Plus, you, the donators, will receive REWARDS in return, if you are so inclined to donate something! (Something to note is that the rewards are cumulative - this means that every tier higher gets you everything from the previous tiers as well!)

So anyway, thanks for stopping by my humble Patreon! Whether you’re here for the rewards or if you just want to support me, I appreciate it from the very bottom of my heart. And Satina does too - as of now she is very busy trying to arrange a bunch of dead rats into a giant "THANK YOU" message on the floor. It's taking up the entire living room but she's so determined that I don't have the heart to ask her to stop. 

Anyway, Thanks!


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