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The Sauce is a culture and politics podcast featuring two know-it-all feminist killjoys who drink cocktails and ruin the stuff you love.

The co-hosts are overly-educated, highly opinionated women who've been friends since high school but now live on opposite coasts. Every week they get together (virtually) to get a little drunk and turn their feminist gaze on pop culture and recent events.

Rebecca Cohen is a NYC-based cartoonist and illustrator who creates the webcomic The Adventures of Gyno-Star: Fighting the Forces of Evil and Male Chauvinism, which is… exactly what it sounds like.

She also writes a lot of hot takes, but mostly less than 280 characters at a time.

Maya Gurantz , based out of LA, makes art, writes, and brainwashes – er, teaches – young impressionable minds. She likes long road trips in the American West, 70s cinema, and getting angry about the patriarchy. Don’t get her started (please, get her started).

Rather than a typical news or pop culture roundup, each episode of The Sauce is a deep dive into some big theme or notable trend - many of which you might not have thought about before. But Maya and Rebecca think about everything. "The Sauce" is where they deconstruct it all, breaking down pop culture to uncover its hidden meanings and revealing the surprising connections at the intersection of culture and politics... while drinking.

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