is creating often lewd, but somewhat wholesome art

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About Saucy

Well, some of the stuff on here may or may not fit the "lewd" descriptor.
But I usually try and keep it wholesome.
Actually, this page is more-or-less a tip jar to inspire me to keep creating original content!
There's not really gonna be any type of reward on here, so no worry if you don't have the coins for monetary support!

I created this page as a tip jar, really. Because I already have an other patreon going on with early access to stuff and all, but most of it is commissioned work, and not, y'know... my own ideas.
My art, yes. But the content is rarely things I come up with on my own.

In this house, we live and breath for Original Content and Original Characters.
At the time of making this, I'm shamelessly obsessed by my dimension hopper character, Orito.
Orito has many versions.
They are all the same person in different shapes.
Being omnigender, and ok with all pronouns, any pronouns at any time are ok, but be respectful about it.
Slurs will not be tolerated. 
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