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You guys are keeping the wheels rolling and we are so grateful to have your support. 

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About Saureradventure

Hello every one,

I'm born on February 23, 1992 I am passionate about 4x4s and trucks.
As a pastime I like to daydream, any idea I have can become reality.
For some time now Ive been climbing again and I'm also particularly interested in technology and aviation.

My travel projects started in 2014 with Corsica.
Here we have covered 1600km of which about 500km by off-road vehicle.
We were travelling on a Nissan Patrol Y61 with a Rainforest 160 roof tent, now the comfort was what it was, in fact we always had some moisture under the mattress of the tent because of the heat that emanated during the night.
During this trip we were lucky that the weather was always on our side, in fact if it rained I would have had difficulty cooking, in fact the kitchen was inside the vehicle, in the trunk and I would have to go out in the rain to cook, but finding the ground in the ground, ground that I would have brought everywhere in the tent dirtying everything. Not to mention the humidity that would be created inside the tent itself with
our breath and the rain.
Some time after returning from the trip, passing next to a garage I see a former military truck orange, knowing the owners of the garage I allow myself to go and ask if it was for sale, unfortunately no, was not for sale.
Looking for second-hand vehicles on the internet, I found a Saurer 6DM military, (still dark green) for sale. I contacted the owner and bought it the same day.
In the first phase, I did not set a maximum budget, I just wanted to spend as little as possible and I wanted to do the interior and the work necessary to turn it into a camper, this allows me to still know the whole system of the house and know exactly where everything is.
Mine had already mounted a fiberglass superstructure and the floor was already prepared inside. The truck had not been in circulation since 1997 and had only 54,000 km with its first circulation in January 1985 (so no electronics on board!).
After a year and a half of work, the project is concluded with the acceptance on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.

Every time I think of a trip, as for example for Morocco, a strong emotion comes up, I do not know what it is, if it is fear, anxiety, maybe a bit of melancholy, but according to the motto: "the world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only one page" the impatience to leave, the insecurity to leave, the anxiety to leave the family, the grandmother who is already in panic for Morocco, the father who thinks there is war and then explain where he is and understands, but asks you 20 times if you leave alone, the mother who tells you to write a letter with your last will in case you do not return.

In conclusion, you wonder if it is more difficult for those who leave or for those who stay.
Stay or leave? Leaving requires a lot of organisation, energy, passion and courage. Staying is simple, does not require any effort or great preparation and certainly costs less, but why stay? to get to 80 years and have always seen the same things? no thanks!

I want to be my book.

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