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Savage Dawn - primal fantasy campaign setting on Patreon. 

The edges of the known world sit unexplored on the horizon. Above, the firmament holds indecipherable messages from the ancestors. Below, a slumbering secret yet to be revealed. Between these there is much to discover: a primordial wilderness filled with dangerous monsters, mythic realms of ancestral beings, and a single bastion of civilization on the verge of technological advancement.

The world teeters on the cusp of a new age of discovery. Rumors tell of dwarven foundries deep below the ice where the craft of turning metallic ore into durable weapons is practised. The reclusive gnalmyr have begun to unlock the secrets of a crystalline substance known as prysm. A mysterious group calling themselves “The Loresmyths” grow restless inside the walls of Stronghold and have started to brave the wilds, confident there must be more to the world than what they are told to believe…

Now is the time to join this unfolding story, leave your mark on the world, and discover what its future holds! At the outset of a SAVAGE DAWN campaign, little is known of the world, its map mostly uncharted. But all of this is about to change forever as brave heroes venture where none have gone before...

Primal Campaign World for 5e

SAVAGE DAWN is a primal campaign setting filled with lore that can be used with any TTRPG. This core of the setting is system neutral but Patreon content, including monster statistics and player options, are designed for 5e. Instead of being its own setting, you can also use SAVAGE DAWN as a mystical, arctic regional expansion in your existing world.

  • Core setting material is freely available in our public Wiki, or in pdf format on DTRPG
  • Patrons get access to exclusive materials in the Wiki (red sections) 
  • Patrons help support the creation of artwork and cover other costs
  • Patrons fund the creation of new pdfs including bestiaries and adventures

Wilderness Survival & Mysticism 

  • Discover Uncharted Lands: What mysteries lie beyond the horizon?
  • Harsh Wilderness: Crafting and survival skills are key.
  • Mysticism & Spirituality: Constellation-bound deities, spells from the stars
  • Travel the Ethervale: Ancestral spirit domain that becomes accessible at night
  • Harness the Power of Prysm: Magical force permeating this ancient world
SAVAGE DAWN offers a refreshing roleplaying experience that will make you and your players feel like roleplaying again for the first time. By doing away with many of the cliches and throwing your players into a primal world not structured by technology and governance, you force them to think on their feet. Solutions and strategies that work in medieval settings may not hold up in a barren world without metal, laws, calendars, or even written language. Indeed, truth is often just a matter of which bonfire tale is passed from tribe to traveler.... 

In the world of SAVAGE DAWN, most classic fantasy races are present - in one form or another. Because our design can be system-neutral, our races follow the most popular "templates" and offer an exciting new take on the race. Alternatively, you can use the new 5e statistics exclusive to Patrons. You can play your character using your rules/race/class of choice, and use the flavor offered in our book to make it a savage character.

  • Dwarves
  • Elves, Half-Elves
  • Gnalmyr (Gnomes) 
  • Humans
  • Orc, Half-Orc
  • Kryodon (Dragonborn)
  • Maaku (Tiefling)
  • Welkin (Halflings)

When Ossoth deceived his fellow divines to remain forever trapped as constellations in the night sky, terrible lightning storms raged - a cry of fury from the betrayed ancestrals. Mountains were born, rising high. Seas roiled. Torrential rains chiseled the face of the earth. Yawning ravines of unfathomable depths reached to touch the world's aching core. Then the cold came and put the mortal world to sleep for eons. Darkness reigned while the stars watched in silence. A new age dawned.

The wilderness of SAVAGE DAWN is as majestic and inspiring as it is dangerous. Massive mountain ranges ascend to unscalable heights while yawning crevices plunge deep into the core of the world where dungeons of unknown origins lie waiting in the cold dark. The unpredictable arrival of dawn unleashes savage storms of blowing ice and snow upon the landscape. The heavens operate without a discernible pattern, their movements instead heralding events in the world. When dawn does come, it brings with it the savage fury of powerful storms - blizzards that obscure sight and bury landmarks.

The Ethervale, the world where spirits dwell in the afterlife, exists alongside the world of ordinary mortals and manifests tangibly in this world. The ancestrals, spirits of all those sapient creatures that lived in the bygone ages, hold sway in this place. Passage to the Ethervale is only possible when the landscape is bathed in starlight, and only to those who can perform Songs of Passage.

Remember the days of 2nd edition where books came in sets of pages that you could put in your own binder? We have such fond memories of those days, that we decided to use that concept as the base for our campaign setting. Patrons get exclusive access to these richly illustrated and beautiful DIY-Printable page spreads on the private section of the Wiki.

  • Fantastic illustrations courtesy of Daniel Comerci, Neil Spencer, Earl Geier and many, many more

Join on Discord! 

  • Got questions or feedback? Want to creatively collaborate? Want to stream games in our setting? All this and more happens on our discord server: https://discord.gg/wy5DMnF
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Professional Illustration: The SAVAGE DAWN team will expand to commission professional illustrations of the new Patron-exclusive content, with the goal of creating printable pdfs published through DTRPG and for high-tier Patrons.
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