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About Savaged Regime

As an individual you may know me better as lazygecko, while Savaged Regime has since 2014 been my brand/persona/project/whateveryouwannacallit for music. It's also an anagram. Can you guess what it is? Through Savaged Regime I have an outlet for my passions related to FM synthesis, retro game music, progressive rock/metal, EDM, and sometimes even a hodgepodge of all the above. For years now I have managed to inspire others and raise the bar for what's possible in the FM and Genesis/Mega Drive chip scene, and I aim to continue doing so by in turn raising the bar for myself and push the technical/creative boundaries of the machine.

Right now the patreon page is a bit barebones as this is something of a "soft launch" from numerous requests to start one. I don't exactly have a concrete plan for what kind of content I should put effort into producing for subscribers, but I think it's more flexible to organically expand through dialogue with my viewerbase and what they want to see more of.
I'd really like to expand the scope of what I'm doing, most likely through informational video content such as tutorials, in depth audio analysis, perhaps going the history of certain subjects, etc. This is something I plan to test the waters with, and once I get a feel for things and what people respond well to there can perhaps be a solid foundation to build on.

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