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You can go to sleep knowing you did your part to help keep SHIT going. And you get a shout out on our Instagram Page...if you'd like.

Piece of Mind
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You can go to sleep knowing you did your part to help keep SHIT going. And you get a shout out on our Instagram Page...if you'd like. Message us with your instagram handle to make it happen!
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We need your help to keep going...and in return you will have fame, early access to special events and exclusive merchandise, as well as other exclusive content for subscribing to our Patreon. 

Since 2010 Savage Henry Magazine has been publishing a free monthly humor magazine. Born in the middle of a weed-trimming session in the hills of Humboldt County, the magazine is now distributed all over Northern California, Oregon, and beyond.

Though a dozen or so writers, artists and distribution folks help put together the "fun" part of the magazine, we are literally a "ma and pa" business, with publisher Chris Durant and his wife Monica doing 90% of the behind the scenes work.

Our advertisers have shown us a great amount support throughout the years but production costs have steadily rose while we've kept rates as low as we could to help our clients be able to afford marketing their products and services. And it was working well. Keeping the mag free.

In 2018, the Savage Henry Comedy Club was born; Humboldt County's only comedy club located at 415 5th Street in Eureka, CA. The club has events Tuesday through Sunday, and keep a watch on Facebook/Instagram for sometimes Mondays. 

Starting in 2020, we will be adding comedian hosted special events such as Madaket cruises around the Humboldt Bay, cannabis tours, private parties, etc. Patreon subscribers will have early access to ticket sales for these events as well as ticketed headliner events and special one-of-a-kind merchandise. 

The popularity of the magazine and comedy brand around the country continues to grow though and the readers and fans have never been more and more enthusiastic about Savage Henry Magazine. 

We need your help to keep an independent publication going.

If just half our readers pledged just $2 a month, not a day, not a week... but a month, we can still put out Savage Henry Magazine free like we have been for 8 years. 

We love doing this magazine and are humbled by the responses and feedback we get from readers and drop off locations all over the west and beyond. We want to keep bringing you laughs and something to look at on the toilet besides your phone.

Please consider pledging just $2 a month. Check out the killer rewards and you can always reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

[email protected]

Once we hit certain benchmarks we will limit advertising in the magazine and be able to include more and funnier articles and art, and pay those writers and artists something for their work. 
For the uninitiated and those who would like to find out more about Savage Henry Magazine, send along your address and we'll send you a free magazine, or you can check out our site at www.savagehenrymagazine.<wbr>com

Thank you for your time and support to keep an independent voice and humor in print and available to the masses. 
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Humbling...very humbling. We're doing it all because of you....and all those other people who are brave enough to support a free and independent fart joke magazine. Let's keep it rolling. This much closer to less ads and more funny!
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