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About Savage Snowflake Podcast with Jeff Leach

Welcome Savages!

The Savage Snowflake Podcast is a TWICE WEEKLY gift of comedic insight lovingly wrapped up into just over one hour of entertainment for your ears by me, international stand-up comedian and actor Jeff Leach. Each episode I present a truly savage, unadulterated and refreshingly honest view of the world, including my own personal life stories, adventures and insecurities, topical political news, current social climate and various pop culture items.

On the show I invite a plethora of different celebrity guests including Emmy Award-winning actors, prolific porn stars, social media stars with millions of followers and of course the finest stand-up comedians throughout USA to jump in on the conversation and share some of their own funniest stories. Previous guests have included Seth Green, Andy Milonakis, Pete Lee, Zainab Johnson, Matthew Santoro, Cherie DeVille, Tanya Tate, Annie Lederman, Esther Ku, Kurt Metzger and many more...

'Savages' are progressive champions of equality, who are as equally sick of the lunacy of the alt-right as they are the far-left. We want to observe, commentate upon and bring some much needed honest thought to the world through the medium of laughter and intelligent conversation. We're looking for balanced individuals with a highly developed sense of humour to help bring some empathy, self-reflection and laughter back to the world. No room for New-Nazis OR SJW bloggers in our future, just stone-cold Savages!

Whether you are left-wing or right-wing, black, asian or white, old or young, LGBTQ or straight, male or female... if you are sick and tired of the thin veil of bullshit the mindless masses seem to prescribe to and looking for a twice-weekly dose of daringly honest comedy then THIS is the podcast for you.

By becoming one of my beautiful SAVAGES you are pledging to help me record this free podcast twice a week, support the technical capabilities of the show, financially allow me to grow the studio space and producing team and hopefully spread some happiness and laughter as we do so.

#SavageSnowflakePodcast #MirthMafia

Thank you for being Savage,
Jeff Leach xo
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Once I start banking $500 a month I would love to do some redesigning of the 'studio' space, which is in my pokey little one bedroom apartment. I will give up all hope of ever owning a nice home that is for rest and relaxation and instead create a more visually inspiring backdrop for you guys to look at whilst my guests and I wax lyrical about everything under the sun.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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