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About Savage Territory Ultra Exclusive Prints by Gary Orona

Savage Territory with Gary Orona

I ship my Patreon Art Collectors a new fine art archival photographic print each month then retire that print of the month never to be printed again... forever. I love RARITY in art not soul-less quantity so let's do this!

Who am I?

My childhood was spent in the wilds! We literally lived at the very edge of town and the wilderness which was my backyard was the place I escaped to when dealing with something of a tough family experience. The wilderness literally saved my mind. These formative years illuminated the reality of the importance of staying connected with the Earth and its infinite beauty. And then I went to Hollywood to make movies...

I worked professionally in the world of movies, TV and photography for many years then dropped it all to go back into the wilderness! Literally! You see success is subjective and I came to the realization that everybody I knew who had achieved incredible fame and monetary success eventually sank into deep forms of depression. Yes, even the millionaires and billionaires, they all sink into depression. I figured out why and thankfully had the presence of mind to see through the veil that media and our culture calls ‘success’ and see it for its true nature.

So I jumped ship from Hollywood and moved to a tiny impoverished town in Utah. And that’s when the days of exploring remote forgotten places far away from any other human beings in wild natural settings changed everything.

I and my wife Tabitha Stevens are taking it to the next level. We are on a quest to discover amazing beauty, that which has never been filmed or photographed before and along the way we are sharing stories of the wild adventures from our pasts in movie production and life in Hollywood and the entertainment business.

Our goal is to share perspectives which will uplift spirits, conquer depression, create laughter and enlighten people in such a way that they learn to see past the illusions distracting us every day.

What is my Mission with my Photography?

I have had extraordinary life experiences for decades. I've lived far outside the normal and often exclaim, "Sometimes Notorious, Sometimes Zen Master, It's a great life." I've spent more than 25 years exploring rarely visited sites in wilderness locations, photographing and filming. Recently in the last 7 years my wife and I spent more than 200 days per year hunting for magical photo op sites around the American Southwest.

 The library of images I have created contains extremely rare works from epic landscapes to archeological discoveries to ancient rock art many thousands of years old. We've even discovered undocumented dinosaur bone sites! Some of the works are extraordinarily rare and a few are quite possibly the only depictions of these sites ever photographed.

We've endured years of extremes in the wilds to find and photograph mesmerizing vistas and discoveries.

Our mission is to share these photographic works in a way that inspires the human spirit to learn to see again. To learn to see natural beauty. 

What my Art Collectors Receive?

On the 1st of every month I ship my Art Collector Patrons (and above tiers) a museum art gallery quality photographic print which is hand signed by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity (COA).

All Patrons including my WANDERLUST Patrons get a coupon code for 20% off print purchases at my main website ALL Patrons get access to my Patron Blog which has exclusive videos, commentary and behind the scenes clips. 

The tiers beginning with SERIOUS ART COLLECTORS receive 13x19in or larger prints depending on the tier and these prints are then 'retired' such that no additional prints of the image will ever be printed! I love the concept of RARITY. And for true collectors it's all about rarity. These stunning, vibrant archival prints ultra-rare and are truly ultra-limited editions exclusive to my Patrons.

Prints can be framed or mounted on counter-tops such that they can be changed out from time to time. We even have collectors who create presentations of prints across their coffee tables to be held and intimately viewed!

What are my videos about?

In our video blogs which all patrons have access to you will join us on our adventures.

As a Patron you will have access to video blogs and shows including behind-the-scenes of our adventures. These episodes are intercut with the insatiable humor and energy of Tabitha and I also weave in stories of our past experiences in the entertainment world which are honest, sometimes outrageous and definitely not normal.

On any given episode we might discover ancient stone age archeological sites, dinosaur bone sites, mesmerizing little-known landscapes, epic natural panoramas and/or travel experiences.

Why am I doing Patreon for funding?

Jumping off the Hollywood boat of which we had been floating on for years created uncertainty and tighter economics. We decided that seeking beauty is the most important choice, not the million dollar house on the hill. Even the largest mansion can become a prison. We aren’t doing this on weekends, we’re out exploring nearly every day and to help offset some of the costs of fuel, campsites, unique adventure gear, filming gear (things break and it’s expensive) RV maintenance, site fees, and editorial assistants every dollar helps. If our values in life were predicated on money we would have stayed in the treacherous, mind-numbing world of Hollywood, but we chose to seek beauty instead.

Why is collectible art important?

Art can change our days. Every morning I sit near my 40x80in infused metal print of 'Mystic Forest' and I stare at it as I have my morning coffee with Tabitha. It elevates our spirit. These works are windows into amazing spirited places and by starting each day this way our attitudes are positive and inspired. This is my mission and our purpose for creating the works for collectors to hold in their hands or to display for all to see.

So join us now. Let’s do this.

Good Thoughts - Gary Orona

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