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Hello, and welcome to the only tier.

As a big ol' whopping sign of appreciation, I'll be delving back through my archives and sharing with you a decades worth of extensive note taking!

Every Thursday, I'll upload an exclusive video, scavenging through years and years worth of thoughts, ideas, concepts and learning.

Whether they're old script ideas, sketches, poems, lyrics, hot takes, self reflections or word play, I'll be reanalysing, reprocessing and recoiling in intense embarrassment and shame.

It'll be intriguing, it'll be intimate, it'll be fun.

So not only will you be supporting the podcast (thanks mate) but you'll also gain access to my unfiltered peculiarities.

If you wish to support the work I'm doing, then please consider pledging.
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About Savage Balance Podcast

Oh my, what is this mysterious, yet alluring podcast? I hear you (rather conveniently) ask. Well, The Savage Balance Podcast provides you with an absolute stream* of content - with a new podcast out each Tuesday.

Each episode is its own unique examination of a subject, covering a wide range including; Social Issues, Mental Health & Psychology, Environmentalism, Veganism, Politics, Spirituality, Atheism & Religion, Creativity, Body Image, Feminism, Pornography, Grief and (just like all the other podcasts) The BBC's flagship garden restoration show Ground Force.

There are stories, essays, interviews, hot takes, experimental episodes and the rambling of a person who's reading scrawled notes off the back of half dirtied napkins.

Your support will help me:

  • Cover the costs of running a podcast
  • Support other individuals, podcasts & platforms invaluable to my research
  • Create more space I can specifically dedicate to this project, to help it grow in all the exciting ways I hope to.

This podcast aims to be a place to examine the subtleties and nuances between the prevailing narratives. A safe space for open & honest dialogue, to embrace and celebrate the concept of re-education. A platform to highlight a multitude of important issues, to promote a wide diversity of voices. To cross-contaminate concepts, and follow & trust my creative impulses. Also to be very silly and have a bit of a laugh.

This project is continuously evolving. I’d love you to aid its expansion and be part of its development.

*a very modest stream, similar to a trickle, or a consistent drip.

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