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Our food, medicine, air and water need to come from healthy ecosystems, and tropical rainforests provide us with a large percentage of all of these. A robust local biodiversity provides ecosystem services like nutrient transfer and pollution breakdown that spread across the entire planet. Habitat protection anywhere benefits life everywhere. Protecting diverse habitats is essential to our global ecological health. The Conservation Action Fund allows Rainforest Trust to provide all threatened species and ecosystems no matter how great or small.

The project started in the rainforests of Ecuador and will continue in other countries. We have simple goal and simple things always work great.

How do we plan to achieve it? Our aim is to buy a piece of area of Ecuadorian rainforest. As the next step, we want to ask the government of Ecuador for protection of the area.

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 As a part of our activity, we also support other similar foundations and initiatives. We understand that it is not possible to fund everything on your own, thus it is possible to apply for our financial support. Each project is being evaluated individually according to its merit. We do not wish to support pressure activism, strikes etc. as we perceive these as a waste of resources and efforts.
If you wish to support our external projects, you must trust us with our choice of supported organizations. We will keep you updated with detailed information about such cooperation on our blog, and will also supervise the fulfillment of the cooperation.
Your donation will be deposited into a separate account and will be provided to the supported initiative only after a successful approval of their application. 




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About Save One Tree

The Save One Tree Foundation was established in 2018 as a reaction to similarly working and usually senseless organizations. The idea to start this initiative came a year before, on our business trip to Ecuador, where we, rather accidentally, visited regions that are severely burdened by agriculture and oil extraction. The devastation we saw there made us change our worldview.

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