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About Savitzki Fine Art Portraits

Hello Art Patrons, welcome to my page.  

I am a visual artist that specializes in fine-art realist portraiture. I currently work and teach in New York City. For a sample of my work, please visit my website:

I am a parent (two teenagers) and love being an artist, but as you can imagine it is difficult to raise children, earn a living, and also create art. By becoming a patron you will make it so much easier for me to devote more time to drawing projects. 

I love to make pictures of people that highlight the human condition and to sometimes hint at the story behind the emotions found in their expression and body language. 

I work from photography, this is convenient for both myself and the model. I set out by creating an atmosphere that moves the subject to reveal the desired personal qualities and demonstrate the facial and postural expressions that generate the intended mood of the piece. The process can involve music, poetry, prose, film - pretty much any form of evocation that will bring the model or client to the emotional place desired.

With the photographic image in hand the work of creating a drawing begins.

The process is organic and often reveals itself as the work progresses. The choice of medium comes first and informs certain aspects of the style. The choice of tone and areas to emphasize or withdraw are made with the intention of maximizing the emotional affect and developing the story behind the image. 

The finished product is a highly detailed image (both in the realism of the rendering and the honesty of the story telling), that hopefully captures the imagination of the viewer. 

I thank you very much for taking this first step in understanding and supporting my work and hope you will join me in this artistic journey. 


Josef Savitzki

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