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About Savy Slayer

Hi There!
I go by Savy, Slayer, or Slay. I am a professional Digital Artist & 2D Animator I dedicate my time to making artwork and other types media such as videos and 3D models. Though my original focus is on creating colorful pieces of art, I also find myself delving into writing and illustrating stories, and animations.

This is my side profession and a very important aspect of my life. I want to continue creating content for as long as possible for as many people as possible.

All followers will gain access to Sketches and Work in Progress pictures. Those things are free for the public viewing and will be uploaded prior to any other social media.
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3D Printer?! 
You heard it. Gonna be buying a Zortrax Inventure & DSS Pack
Will make a poll of what will be the first thing to print, clean-up, and I mail it to one lucky patron!
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