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When I started this little page I was typing on an old PC in a dark, slanted ceiling closet under the stairs of an 1800s farmhouse in upstate New York where I lived with my family that was falling apart before my eyes. I didn't have anywhere to process, think out loud, observe, or listen, Sayable's first iteration became that place. 

Today, seventeen years later, thousands of you are reading, and I still feel like the same person in a lot of ways: processing, thinking out loud, observing, and listening. You have become a part of the story of my life. The trajectory of my life—my relationships, my understanding of the gospel, and more—has been paved by the presence of this page on the web. I could not do that without you. I mean that with all my heart: the presence of the Church in the world makes what I do not only possible, but joyful. I wouldn't trade this story for the world.

Writing, meeting with folks, doing interviews, speaking at women's conferences, speaking to pastors around the country about shepherding women and singles, writing for various sites, and trying to cultivate truth, beauty, and goodness in the world is what I do full time—and very little of that is paid. I could not do the writing I do, with the thoughts I have, and the faithfulness in which I try to walk, without the support of readers. I could not do it without you. Would you consider becoming a patron of the arts with regard to Sayable? Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter so I can continue to do this work, and hopefully add more work in some ways? I would be deeply grateful. My family would be deeply grateful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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When I reach 200 patrons, I will start a coaching group for young writers in creative-non-fiction. 
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