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For just $5 a month you will get a shoutout on the podcast for helping Say More stay afloat in the capitalist hellhole. Because we believe in a good deal, you'll also get access to early episodes each week BEFORE the rest of the losers who don't give us money. (If you're reading this & you don't give us money, you're not a loser, we were forced to say that by our PR team, we love you deeply, etc. etc.) 


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This tier is dedicate to Paul, a wonderful stranger who gives us a large sum of money each month for no apparent reason. We have no idea who he is or why he loves us but we consider him a feminist icon so we thought we'd create a digital statue of him here. If you're like Paul & want to randomly give us a Benjamin, this tier is for you. 




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About Olivia Gatwood & Melissa Lozada-Oliva

Olivia Gatwood and Melissa Lozada-Oliva are two, internationally-renowned poets (lol) & cultural critics (what does that mean) & comedians (it's Melissa who is a comedian) who, in their most trailblazing & unique move yet started a podcast a few months ago. 

After years of interviews where every question was some version of "What inspired you to become a writer?" Melissa & Olivia decided to take things into their own hands because, shockingly, they wanted to talk about something other than poetry and the writing process. SAY MORE is a conversational podcast in which Melissa & Olivia take advantage of their close friendship to interview one another about the things they each know best—things like YouTube makeup tutorials, yeast infections, jealousy, and dead pop stars. We bring guests on who are experts in things like gay porn, girl hate, customer service, and ghost stories. We believe in being unabashedly honest & sometimes vulgar. 

SAY MORE has been recording for three months. We started in a food pantry on an Iphone & then shortly after a few terrible quality episodes, SAY MORE brought on a wonderful sound engineer Natasha Jacobs. Natasha is the lead of a band called Thelma & is responsible for every episode that sounds good. She has been recording and editing for FREE from her Very Cool studio in her Bushwick apartment that she literally BUILT & we MUST pay her for all the hard work she does for us.

Olivia also recently moved to California, which means she and Melissa are now in a Long Distance Relationship. That means many of the episodes will be recorded remotely in two studios which is very expensive! We are ten episodes deep & want to continue bringing Say More content to your ear drums. With your generosity and financial support, the SAY MORE podcast will have the funds to pay for bi-weekly studio time, monthly costs to our streaming service Libsyn, and proper compensation for our sound engineer. 


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