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Thank you for your interest in Sayre Brothers' Games. First, watch the video above. Then please read the below information so that you can get to know us better.

We Need Your Help

Developing a board game, and especially a board gaming company, can be a lengthy and lonely process. That’s why we’ve launched a Patereon and require your support!

But you knew that because you are here. So you’re probably more interested in learning more about us and our long-term goals.

Who We Are

Sayre Brothers’ Games was invented to help inspire today’s board gamers and tomorrow’s board game developers. We want to help you create, play, and have fun along the way.

Our company is founded by real brothers — brothers with a rather unique story. One founder, Jeff Sayre, is 53 years old. The other, Michael Sayre, is 22 years old. Most people make the mistake in assuming we are father and son. But we are indeed brothers!

We are both very inquisitive and creative and have been making all sorts of things since we were very young. Of course, when Jeff was young, he could only make things out of stone and air. The invention of the wheel was fascinating to him. Michael’s early inventions, on the other hand, could take advantage of modern-day technologies.

There is also another, even older brother involved in the company. But he is currently invisible, hanging out with his Neanderthal brethren at our secret Sayre Brothers’ gaming lair.

Our Inspiration

We play all sorts of games from board games, to disc golf, to games we invent on the fly. So starting a gaming company didn’t seem like much of a stretch. In fact, as brothers with a (very) large age difference, we’ve done a number of crazy things together.

We can’t quite recall how it started, but at some point during a Settlers of Catan game, we started creating additional rules and proposing ways in which the game play could be improved and enhanced.

That led to discussions on different configurations for a game board. Eventually we realized that we could create individual board game units that would allow players and board game designers to leverage their own imagination and creativity. They could assemble boards in many shapes and sizes by connecting identical units.

Finally, we thought that instead of simply creating a new type of physical game board and then a unique board game utilizing that board, that we should also create a gaming system that would benefit other makers and creators. It would allow them to flex their creative minds and design their own worlds! This idea we call the PentaHex Gaming Platform.

Of course, for those just wanting to play tabletop board games, and who aren’t interested in becoming board game creators, we realized we would need to offer a few complete, unique games using the PentaHex Gaming Platform. That way, they could have fun right out of the box!

Where We’re Going

Well we’re in the final prototyping phase of the PentaHex Gaming Platform. Prototyping occurs in four different areas: the board game units (the actual 3D-printed PentaHex Board Units), the board game pieces, designing and testing the gaming mechanics of our first two games, and the game creator's manual (see The PentaHex Gaming Platform below).

When we set out to develop our new board game system, we knew that in order for it to gain early adoption, that we would have to offer a full-fledged game or two that can be played right out of the box — using the PentaHex Board Units (PBU) and default game pieces. We’re currently creating two unique games that will be included with the initial boxset.

So not only are we conceptualizing and designing a new board game system, we’re also creating a few original games using that new system!

We are fans of a number of board games, such as old-school board games like Clue and Monopoly, new civilization-building games like Settlers of Catan, and a few RPGs (role playing games). So our initial game ideas revolve around those concepts.

But before we are ready to launch, we need to complete our final prototype design. We’ve been through three iterations of the PentaHex board game unit so far. All three have been 3D printed. Prototype 4 of the board game unit — the actual hexagonal piece that is used to assemble as large of a physical board as you want by adding more board game units — is almost ready to send off to the 3D printers. We think that this version, or the next one, will be the production version used for launch.

Our goal is to launch officially via a crowdfunding campaign, either Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Something that we decided early on was that unlike a number of crowdfunding campaigns for games, that we wanted to already have the prototyping complete and an actual physical product in our hands before we launched. That way, people who support us will know that this is not a pipe dream, that the product has been in development for some time and is actually ready to be manufactured.

But there are a number of key steps and milestones required to get us to that stage. And your support as a Patron is what will make the difference!

Please see the Goals section below to learn about our milestones and how you can help us!

The PentaHex Gaming Platform

We have much more to share. So if you're interested in learning more, please take a couple of minutes and read the page we've created on our website — What is the PentaHex Gaming Platform?

You can learn even more by watching this brief introductory video, Introducing The PentaHex Gaming Platform

Quick Note About Our Goals

Currently we have 8 goals listed -- also known as milestones. The default Patreon display option is to show one goal panel at a time. So scroll through one at time or simply click the "View all" option at the top of the goals panel!

Goals on Patreon are on a per month or per project basis. So when you look over our goals, you'll see they are listed as a per month goal. We will be running our Patreon on a per month basis -- hey, the electric bill on a secret gaming lair is expensive -- but each of our goals is a one-time need.

What does this mean?

That means once we hit the listed dollar amount of the first goal, we can immediately get started on brining that goal to fruition. Then the next month's donations will be put toward the next goal on the list. And so on, and so on...

In other words, we will keep collecting funds each month until we can fulfill the next goal's needs. Then move on to the next goal on the list!

Stay In The Loop!

We of course will periodically be posting updates for all of our Patrons on our Patreon. But we also have another great way for you to stay in the loop!

You can join our mailing list to stay on top of PentaHex Gaming Platform news!

Also, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We are rather prolific with our video updates. Whereas they may be long at times, we have a lot of fun in sharing our excitement with all our viewers — as we jokingly say (or maybe not), “all zero of our viewers”.

Thank You For Your Support!

Michael & Jeff Sayre
Sayre Brothers’ Games
$0 of $250 per month
A Solid Foundation

A board game is nothing without its board. For PentaHex, the playing surface is made up of interlocking PentaHex Board Units (PBUs).

We’ve been working with several 3D printing services to help us prototype each iteration of the PentaHex Board Unit. Currently, it costs us $29.39 to print out a single board game unit prototype! That is basically $30 per PentaHex Board Unit.

At the low quantities we are printing, that is the lowest discounted price we can get!

You see, whereas we are all onboard the maker craze and love 3D printing, currently the costs are too prohibitive to use 3D printing for mass market products. Even if the cost could be driven down to a few pennies per unit, the amount of time it takes to print out each unit is a deal killer. So we cannot consider using 3D Printing for mass production.

But it is an indispensable tool for prototyping!

P4 Or Not P4 — That is the Question

Our next iteration of the PentaHex Board Unit (PBU) — Prototype 4 (P4) — is almost ready for printing. We will be purchasing several copies of P4 for testing purposes. We believe this is either the final prototyping iteration, or very close to the last one, before we finalize the design of the PBU.

We plan to 3D print seven (7) copies of this advanced prototype. This is the bare minimum needed to fully test the interlocking HexRing design. At $30 per print, this will cost us $210 excluding taxes and shipping.

If we’re happy with the results of P4 testing, we will authorize that as the final iteration and make it version one of our PBU design. From that point, only minor changes will be made to the design if any at all.

We estimate this stage will cost about $250 for 3D printing, taxes, and shipping.
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