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My name is Janice Lagata and I need your help.

Originally written and produced in 2013, SCANDUSICAL has been journeying towards bigger stages and brighter lights ever since. But I've taken it as far as I can alone. We've all heard the saying "You need money to make money." well, it also turns out that you need money to make art... that will hopefully make money. Eventually. (Who knew?!)

One of my goals for 2020 is for SCANDUSICAL (The Completely Unauthorized Seriously Musical Parody) to become financially sustainable. It would be great if I could make money from it, but slow down: first (and most importantly), I would like to be able to pay the people (actors, directors, musicians, music directors, choreographers, assistants, associates, techs, etc...) who have and will come on board to bring this show to life.

So here we are.

The next immediate step/stage for SCANDUSICAL is a 4 show run at The PIT in NYC in March. Which means rehearsals will be starting soon and I'll be spending all kinds of money I do not have on rehearsal space, snacks, costumes, props, and musicians - any and every thing that is needed. And that's on me. I did this to myself. I get it. No one has to help me, but I'd be supremely thankful if you'd like to and choose to.

I'm a little bit biased, but this show is a great show - I'm super proud to have my name on it and I think you'll be proud to have a hand in helping it thrive. So please, jump onboard. Help me put some good into the world and some dollars in the pockets of some greats artists.

This show has the potential to go all the way. I'm here for the duration. And I hope you will be too.
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When we reach $500 per month, the cast will record and release a three-song fan-favorite EP.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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