Aidan Casserly is creating SCAPULA COMICS

$1 /mo
Complete access to the patrons-only feed: you'll see special artwork like comics-in-progress (thumbnails, sketches, etc.), news on upcoming convention appearances, and previews of new projects and ...

$5 /mo
Complete access to the patrons-only feed, plus an exclusive bonus print with any order from the Scapula Store or my Etsy store (or have this print sent to you for only the cost of S&H).

$10 /mo
Join the Halloween Gang: See yourself caricatured as a member of Scapula’s punk soldiers! [caricature is drawn after one month of pledge]

$15 /mo
Join Dadaman’s Not-a-Real Art School: Get a personal critique for an art/comic piece you are working on; once a month you will receive my write-up (notes and/or sketch...

$25 /mo
Join the Sinister Monster Doom Legion: See yourself caricatured in an original supervillain persona! [caricature is drawn after one month of pledge]

$50 /mo
Join the Creature Show: Get yourself a full-page caricature in the next issue of Dada Hyena’s Creature Show, along with receiving a personalized copy of the issue and ...