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  • Access to 'Behind The Scarf' - a series commenting on the production of new episodes shortly after they come out
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About Scarfulhu

I'm Connor Mountain, but if you're here you probably know me as Scarfulhu. I make heavily scripted and edited game and movie reviews which share my experience with games or sometimes movies alongside some witty commentary.

I try to produce at least 1-2 videos per month now, so this is donation on a monthly basis. Barring any extenuating circumstances, there should be new full-length content every month.
My videos are highly edited so take time to make, it's not like I can just hit record and make a video.

There's a notes/drafting process, which eventually becomes a final script, which I need to record both the camera segments and the voiceover for, and then I have to edit a 10-20 minute video full of little visual gags and smooth transitions. It can be time consuming, but you the end result is worth it.

As far as rewards go - for the basic $1 tier, I'll have a blog you can access where you'll be able to see some previews of upcoming videos, or some general progress on things. You'll also have your name shown before the end slate of every video, AND you'll gain access to an exclusive upcoming series. More details on that soon.

And if you're a $3 donator, I can offer something a little extra, which are what I call 'assets':

  • Annotated scripts for my videos, including lines that were cut.
  • Images used in videos.
  • Backgrounds, logos, all the branding whiz.
  • Thumbnails.
  • And anything else I feel like giving out.

These will appear as posts every now and then, but I'll try and do them after each new video as well. If you're part of this tier, don't hesitate to ask me for something, and I'll see if I can offer it to you!

That should be it for now. Thank you, and I hope you consider donating! For those of you who have already donated - thank you so much. You have no idea how much of a difference this makes to my life, even though it's not a huge amount. I absolutely appreciate it with all my heart.

- Connor 'Scarfulhu' Mountain
$98 of $250 per month
At this goal, I'll see if I can get myself some new equipment to work with. A new camera, perhaps.
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