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is creating Fine Art Drawings, Digital Graphic Resources, and the Odd Online
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My heart felt gratitude. All though a single dollar isn't much in of itself it does add up.
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Have you name immortalized as a piece is named after you or someone of you choosing (please be realisitc).




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About Scarlet Letter

To put it simply, I draw, color, and create both physical drawings and vector graphics. I do so more for myself then anyone to be perfectly honest, but I have come to enjoy creating; especially in a public space where passers by can see the creative process first hand. I find satisfaction in the joy that it brings people to see my work and what does into it.

While I do sell what I create via traditional media I know it's not enough to live off of. Also, technology has allowed for media to shared faster and easier than ever before allowing people to build off of other creators just as readily. This gives me an opportunity to provide others with graphical resources created from both the digital and physical mediums that other creators might not otherwise have access to. I want to keep dong what I love, and help other to create through my work, but to do that I need support; I need you.
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This is the cost for my most basic, traditional media art supplies if I were ordering from Jerry's Artarama or Cheep Joe's. Many of the completed works end up here, I also have the odd piece in a local real world venue (such as the Triumph Vaping Company).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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