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✉ A sumptuous letter in the mail, once a month. Coloured illustrations and well-crafted personal stories of travels, thoughts on art, books, life, love, and the pursuit of street food. Approximately 880-980 handwritten words in each letter.

✉  A beautiful envelope, addressed in calligraphy, hand-decorated with original artwork, postage stamps, wax seals. Enclosed in a resealable acrylic sleeve.

✉  Lightweight inclusions like faux stamps, stickers, postcards, a poem, recipe or photo, slipped in with the letter.

✉ Access to Patron-Only posts:

  • Process videos and photos...
  • Patrons-Only Letter Club: a mailing list of like-minded letter lovers...the personal stories, the artwork, the presentation and paraphernalia...
  • Inspiration : Reading lists, posts about letter writing, simple bookbinding projects, paper craft. Mail art, and my ideas about what else a letter can be...I am always experimenting with the letter form.




Are you sad when you open your mailbox and find nothing but bills? Do you feel disappointed when your only mail for the week is a pizza promotion, or a reminder from the dentist to get your teeth checked? Do you love the idea of receiving a handwritten, illustrated and beautifully crafted letter that will make even your postie envious? This letter subscription is for people who love receiving beautiful things in the mail, without having to write a reply!

Hello, it's Nat; I'm the artist behind The Scarlet Letterbox. I love everything that goes into and old-fashioned letter: not just pretty paper, wax seals, postage stamps, but personal stories, watercolour illustrations, and the travel adventures that inspire and generate most of my subject matter. (Remember Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine trilogy? That influenced my generation a lot!) All these things find their way into delightful letters that I post all over the world.

About The Subscription

The Scarlet Letterbox is an issue—like a monthly magazine—except that writing and artwork are put together in the form of an old-fashioned letter.

Patreon is a bridge between creative people and those who appreciate what they do and want to encourage it. With a regular amount coming from my Patrons, I know what I can count on receiving each month. As my patron base grows, so will the feeling of security that will allow me to focus more time and energy on creativity.

When you pledge to The Scarlet Letterbox, you'll be billed per letter. I try to get one letter out each month, but 'pay per letter' ensures you won't automatically be charged for mail that is running late! (A letter might be late due to the holiday rush, or I might be 40 miles up a jungle river, with no post office in sight—been there before!—or something disruptive may have come up in my personal life...) Not to worry. You'll only ever pay for a letter that is ready to go, and never more than once a month. There's just one flat rate, per letter, no matter where in the world you are:

It's $9.

(Out of this, Patreon keeps $1. )

For the price of one coffee break, a mighty fine letter will arrive in your mailbox, hand-addressed to you. It'll be a personal story or essay to read, be inspired by, illustration and stamps to re-use in your own art-making or journaling, something to share with others, collect, or stick on the refrigerator door.

By becoming my Patron, you give me the chance to be an artist and writer more of the time. It's as simple as that...but that's huge. I receive your pledge with humble gratitude, and I hope that you enjoy my letters and artwork, as much as I enjoy making them.

How does it work?

  • Click Become A Patron, and sign up. There's just one flat rate per letter for everyone, no matter where in the world you are. It's 9 US
  • When a letter is ready, I'll notify Patreon.
  • Your chosen account will be billed on the first of the upcoming month. As soon as all charges have been cleared by Patreon (clearance period is between the 1st-5th of each month) I'll post letters to all the current patrons.
  • I'll let you know you when I've posted your letter.
  • Is this a gift for someone else? When Patreon asks for your postal address, enter your gift recipient's address, instead. They will receive the letters, but won't be able to access any of the internet stuff on Patreon...only you, logged into your Patreon account, can do that.  (It's not a perfect system, I'm sorry, but it's the best I can do, given the tools available to me right now.)
  • Stay subscribed for as long as you wish, and opt out at any point.
  • There is a limit to how many subscribers I can accept at one time, since I have to know how many copies to print, and postage stamps to buy! If all the spots are taken for the current month, I'll increase the number of spots for the next letter, to allow new subscribers to sign up.
  • If you stay subscribed, your spot is safe. If you unsubscribe, your spot becomes available and may be claimed by someone else.
  • Letters will be posted as regular Air Mail, and cannot be tracked.
  • Yes, I will happily post letters ANYWHERE, provided you live in a country that has a reliable/trustworthy postal system in place.

What Can I Expect?

THE LETTER: One sheet of A4 paper (210mmx297mm / 8.25" x 12") every month, with writing and illustration: full-colour printing on one side, black-and-white/greyscale on the reverse. I write in English.
PLEASE NOTE: I won't be sending an original painted and handwritten letter. I'll be sending a printed reproduction of a painted and handwritten letter...the same letter to all subscribers.
THE ENVELOPE: This is more original...I’ll personalise each envelope with your name and address in calligraphy. I use stencils, silkscreen, lino, handcarved rubberstamps, collage, or some other artistic method, to decorate each envelope individually. I use DL ( 110mm x 220mm / 4.33" x 8.66") and C6 (114 x 162 mm / 4.5" x 6.4") envelopes, which classify as "small letters", for the lowest possible postage. Each envelope will be further enclosed in a resealable acrylic sleeve, to protect it from stuck-on barcodes, labels, post office scribbles, dirt, humidity.

EXTRAS : Wax seals, faux stamps, little paper inclusions, a postcard or two of my artwork, pressed leaves, a poem, a photo...could be anything, really...Inspiration depends a great deal on not working to a rigid plan. Let's see what each month calls forth...

PATRON-ONLY POSTS: Patrons who are actively subscribed to The Scarlet Letterbox will have access to members-only posts:
    • Process videos and photos.
    • Inspirational material : I'd love to share what inspires me, with you!
    • Connect. Drop me a line, or a long rambling message. Ask me anything. More than just an online selling platform, Patreon enables us to get to know each other.
    • Community. Want to have a go at crafting letters, yourself? Looking for a like-minded, appreciative penpal to exchange postal masterpieces with? Someone who knows better than to send an airport postcard? Someone who loved Nick Bantock's Griffin & Sabine as much as you did? Fellow patrons of The Scarlet Letterbox are the perfect letter partners! Get onto a mailing list of postal connoisseurs and join the letter exchanges. You may meet a kindred soul to swap amazing correspondence with for life!

Learn More

I'm an Australian citizen of American/Filipino heritage. When we aren't vagabonding around the world, I and my love—a writer, sailor and intrepid adventurer—live on a big old houseboat amid the glorious mangroves of a national park in Darwin, the Northern Territory, Australia.

17 of 60 patrons
When I reach 60 patrons, letter printing costs will nearly halve, and I'll be able to spread my letter out onto two A4 sheets.

That means enough space for about 1500 words (at the moment it is very challenging to squeeze a decent story into 900-950 words, without losing the heart of the story) and 2 pages with full-colour illustration.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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