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is creating THE VIOLET SANCTION, a co-op urban fantasy tabletop adventure

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the eyes and ears

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witnesses, here to pass judgment, listen - what say the accused?

give, and you shall receive...
  • village hearsay, by way of carrier-pigeon (updates transcribed and digitized for those out of pigeon range)
  • the benediction of eternal gratitude, by way of the creator

the bated breath

per month

i see you shiver...then lungs release, the wheel turns. it was worth the wait.

as below, so too above, and...

  • the key to the library, scrolls old and new (digital access to all supplemental resources, such as maps, character records, artwork, et cetera)

the skeleton crew

per month
you are the bones of the beast, providing vessel for spirit. 

as before, so too now, but also...

  • casting of the runes (voting rights for important decisions, such as design elements, location settings, character types, and other conundrums of esoterica)
  • entombed alive (your name credited to all works published during your...visit with us...if you wish)




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About scaryridge creative house

why are we here? 

scaryridge creative house is here (seattle) telling stories and making games. we are an adult-aimed (18+) company, as we tackle a lot of controversial subjects: drug use, sex work, consent, autonomy, queer studies, suicide and death, climate change, socialism and capitalism, anarchy, politics, cult psychology, and more. while we believe these are important subjects for everyone, our games are not a platform for educating minors, and we respect those boundaries.

why are you here?

we hope that you enjoy our creative projects, and would like to support our continued endeavors. for the time being, this is a part-time outlet for expression, so the projects are limited to that scope. in time, and with support from enthusiasts such as yourself, we'd like this to become full-time, producing gaming content on a regular basis across diverse media. at the moment, we're focused on producing tabletop adventure zines, building the framework for future modular board/card games, roleplaying systems, digital adventure games, and more!

what is our purpose?

scaryridge has a long list of planned projects spanning decades and centuries of game-world stories, with recurring themes, forces, and characters. our first project is THE VIOLET SANCTION. this is an episodic cooperative urban fantasy tabletop adventure set in seattle's capitol hill neighborhood after the sudden, localized blooming of magic. as always, with magic comes trouble - broken faerie pacts, the machinations of long-hibernating vampires, bruce lee's ghost - the usual fare, really.

players will move through the post-magic locale, reconciling their new lives with the dangers of this old power, trying to discover why this has happened and what it means for the future. each episode will progress the game's clock and introduce new blocks of capitol hill; players will then return to previous locations armed with these discoveries and delve further into the story.

featuring 4 urban fantasy character types each with a solo story arc, as well as seasonal and campaign plots, and secrets that can only be unlocked through experimenting with the narrative, THE VIOLET SANCTION aims to balance hard choices with replayability, a rich world with deep characters, and topical social commentary with a touch of the dark and whimsical.

please, feel free to peruse our archives to learn more about scaryridge and our projects, and for patrons, the key to the library (the bated breath tier and above) provides access to locked content, such as supplemental materials and stories, behind-the-scenes sketches and writing, and private journals from the creator.

we look forward to sharing our imagination with the world for years to come, and thank you all so much for the support you all provide!

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friends, and friends of friends, gather! the moon has risen above the tower. let us read secrets together in its light.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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