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Hey, You Found It!
A way you can support my work with The San Carlos Computer Club; of which, I am a regular host and guest-speaker. Also, I provide a podcast, a live stream, and a blog for any and all that may find it useful. I proudly, and freely give these resources to our community in the spirit of , "Open Source Consulting." This is the idea that we all benefit from the free sharing of all available knowledge.

However, there are some expenses associated with web-hosting and administrating these resources. I am hoping that Patreon gives you, and the people in our community, a way to contribute to these resources. Lifting some of the financial burden off of me. Basically, here's the question:
"would you like to support what I am doing?"
Here is what I am Doing.
Since, before I can remember (in regards to the club) I have been a regular host/guest-speaker freely providing my knowledge of computer technology, news, and the industry to the benefit of anyone interested in attending our meetings. Since 2009, I have recorded and published the The San Carlos Computer Club meetings as a podcast to be found in iTunes, subscribed to in other apps, or listen to from our blog. For the last few years I have run a real-time audio live-stream of each club meeting for internet listeners (i.e., people that cannot come to our meetings in person.) Also, I maintain and write a blog/website for the club that ties all these resources together. You can check it out at  Also, I am very social; that is to say I am regularly available for the club on twitter (via @sccClub) and on FaceBook (via:

Here's the Deal.
So far, I have been the technical and financial support for everything. Consequentially, I administrate these resources in my spare time, and pay for them out of my own pocket. I will continue to be technical support for these resources, but going forward will try to cover the expenses with donations. Patreon, should be a good way to do this. To support my work please pledge an amount per a podcast. Every little bit helps, it's all appreciated, and no one is obligated. Also, I will continue to attend meeting, contribute content, maintain websites, podcasts, and live streams all for free to the benefit of anyone who's interested. However, now you'll have a way to contribute to what I am doing, and if we're successful, I may be able to dedicate more time and energy to freely helping people.

I guess that's it. Thanks for any help. You guys are a great group of people, and I enjoy spending every Tuesday morning with you.

Thanks, and Tech On!
Scott Stimson, Head Nerd from International Computer Solutions
$0 of $1 per podcast or publication.
Anyone can leave questions as a comment on any post on the blog at I will address each question from the blog in the next club meeting. Mention that you've donated a $1 when you ask your question and I'll make a point of covering the question with as much detail as possible.
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