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 You have my undying thanks! Gives you access to early previews of updates. 1 Week Early Sketch release.   A compiled Hi-Res PDF (read-only) of all completed pages a week before the public update.  




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Salient Caligation is a female lead horror comic that follows the life of the demon hunting mage, Caitlin Jie Sword and her quest to end the hold a demonic entity holds over her family. Each chapter collects a story that contributes to the overarching story line but can be read out of order or by themselves without spoiling the other chapters. 

I have been writing Salient Caligation since 2004. The first issue had a number of various issues but was eventually completed by me in 2017 after I graduated my Bachelor's program and moved to Hawaii.

I hired Nicoy Guevarra to illustrate Salient Caligation in order to provide a consistent art style or great quality. We haven't missed an update in almost 3 years that was related to Nicoy missing a deadline. I order pages in advance based on my personal budget between bills and other studio expenses.

With your help, I can get the 48 pages of Chapter 3 completed by Nicoy in a year or less! I am not wealthy by any means. My goal is for the comic to be self-sustaining.

Any help to maintain this comic is greatly appreciated! All money donated goes only into the continuation of the project since I am not using this as my income. When I meet the financial goals of the comic, I can see about providing more rewards for donors!

Want to check out the comic before donating? Check us out at !

The Lovers - (Completed but needs to be remastered for print). 2004-2017
Caitlin's better nature is tested when a haggard priest arrives on her doorstep with the shadow demon, Kaoth in tow. Her long standing relationship with the local Catholic Church is strained due to her use of magic and her bond to the demon, Ananga. Will she do the right thing and uncover the truth of the matter or succumb to her darker nature?

Available for sale as ebookDriveThru Comics

The Eight of Swords - (Completed) 2017 - 2019
The immortal Aes Sidhe are dying, cursed for causing the original sin.

Mankind was their downfall. Mankind will be their salvation.

Moira was chosen by the Sidhe council to cross the veil and save their people. Her heart is full of hope. She dreams of love in a life beyond Gaia’s reflection among humanity. But the human world is not the stuff of children’s tales.

Infernal beings, demons, and wrathful spirits roam. Sin has seeped into the souls of man.

Moira steps beyond the gateway to a shattered world.

Can she fulfill her mission to save the fae? Or will she succumb to the dark forces that seek to ensnare and destroy her?

Available for sale through: Amazon KindleBarnes and Noble, Amazon Create Space, Ingram SparkGoogle BooksApple BooksDrive Thru Comics

The Devil - Current Chapter. 2019 - Ongoing (48 pages Scripted)
Danger has always been a part of Jie's work as a demon hunter. From generation to generation, the mantle has passed on mother to daughter. But with the birth of her daughter, Lisa, in the United States the demon attacks have gotten more frequent.

How different are these Western demons from those in her native land? What is inciting the demons to attack? And what does it have to do with Lisa?

The Devil Part 1 (With Nikola) is Available thru Drive Thru Comics.

Death (TBD)
The Tower (TBD)
Judgement (TBD)

About Us!
Studio HnH is the studio for Kimberly Godwin's assorted projects and blog. 

Kimberly Godwin is a Chinese American, Hawaii based comic book writer and horror / science fantasy author. She is a member of the Horror Writers Association and a member of the Ladies of Horror Fiction Community. By day she serves in the United States Armed Forces completing her Masters degree and is married with one child. 

Nicoy Guevarra is a Philippines based, full time freelance illustrator whose work has been greatly influenced by video games and manga, She has worked as an animator for AAA in the past. She also illustrates, A Song of Asteria (co-authored by Kim). @nicoyguevarra Twitter and Instagram
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