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is creating play, playful experiences and installations. Also Wonder.
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About A secret club

We are a secret club.
We play.

A very important part of what we do, is to create a sense of playfulness through wonder. We often create alternative micro-universes where even the most ludicrous antlered, cyclops-bear-hat looks and feels like it somehow belongs in the world.

This care to detail springs from our idea that you don't necessarily have to engage in actual play to have a playful experience - for one reason or another, some people might not want to actually go up to the person with the ludicrous antlered, cyclops-bear-hat. The sense of wonder that person experiences, is also a playful one.

We live for the moment when a child comes up and asks if we are real or when a grown-up happily lugs a huge, red key around for hours, wonder brings about new thoughts and ideas.
Wonders take time, so we have set up this Patreon in the hope that we can free up time to make even more wonders - and to make even more people wonder.

To see more of our work, visit our website
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All patron will receive a paper crown* to print out, cut out and wear when going out.
This will be a visible sign of how amazing you are.

*Paper crown may or may not be magic.
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