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Welcome! We're so glad you came to check out our Patreon page. The idea is to better connect with YOU, fans and supporters who want more than occasional e-mails and newsletters.  We want you to have access to demos and new songs, performance videos, and behind the scenes glimpses from home and tour life. And your contributions help by giving us the luxury of time to be creative.  Being independent musicians without label support, we have to wear other hats like: manager, booking agent, publicist, record producer, tour promoter,  travel agent, etc.   The 'business' side of the business takes many hours away from our songwriting/musician time, which is our very favorite time. And without new songs we have nothing new to sell. So here is your opportunity to help us give you more of us and our music. Whatever tier you choose - you get access to all the songs and videos we post. If you choose to contribute more (yay, you!) there are merchandise rewards, and we get even more time to create for you. We hope you'll join us here at team Patreon, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading all the way through this pitch!  
Much love,
Roy & Kim

Tips for supporting us on Patreon-
  • Decide which tier you are most comfortable with- you will receive all songs & videos at any level
  • Our goal is to post an average of two posts per month
  • You will be charged at the beginning of each month based on your chosen tier and how many videos we posted in the previous month
  • If we post nothing you pay nothing
  • Use your 'settings' to control how much you contribute each month.  
  • If you know exactly how much you want to contribute each month, we recommend you set your level to that amount and then set a cap of 1.
  • We may share some of the videos on social media or with our e-mail list, but they will be available here first, and available only because you supported their creation!
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