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About T. Greer (Tanner Greer)

If you are reading this message, it is because you follow The Scholar's Stage. Some of you have only been reading it for a few weeks; others have read it or a few years. A select few among you have been with me since the blog began all the way back in 2008. But no matter how long you have been reading and sharing the material I post on The Scholar's Stage, I am grateful for your support.

The Scholar's Stage
is a bit out of step with our times. In a media environment that favors the short and trendy, the posts there trend long and reflective. These posts cover a strange array of topics: one month it is political psychology, the next ancient Greek literature. One day I look at the workings of the Chinese Communist Party; the next I might peer into the rhetoric of American culture wars. It is not unusual to see passages of poetry and passages lifted from scientific journals quoted in the same post. The Scholar's Stage is devoted to that older sort of inquiry. It unabashedly seeks to marry science with style, current news with ancient history, and deep research with good writing. What I write will not appeal to everyone—but if you are reading this, it is because it appeals to you.

Writing these essays is not easy. Even the short posts at the Stage take hours of preparation. Fact checking my data, writing proper citations, drafting and redrafting paragraphs until their prose reaches an acceptable clarity and verve—well, it all takes an enormous amount of time. This frustrates me: for every essay I type out there are three or four I never have the time to write. When I started the Stage more than ten years ago, things were easier, as I had fewer responsibilities then than I do now. Many readers have pressed me to write more, as I once did. They wish to see more from The Scholar's Stage! I wish to see this as well. By joining this Patreon community you will help make this wish a reality.

I am starting small. The goal is four original essays a month. Those who join the first membership tier will be given access to a bimonthly newsletter that links to everything I have written for the Stage, as well as links to any reporting, writing, or appearances I make for other outlets. Those who join the second and third tiers will be given the same newsletter, but will also have exclusive access to a monthly "Notes From All Over" post that collects the most compelling essays, worthy news items, insightful studies in social/behavioral science, and most fascinating interviews and podcast episodes I encountered that month (for examples of what this looks like, see here and here).

If the Patreon community grows large enough, more tiers and more content will be on offer (including, potentially, a podcast). But that lies in the future. For the moment my focus is on the sort of content that drew you to the Scholar's Stage in the first place. The Scholar's Stage is one of the few old-style blogs not yet devoured by social media's instantiate maw. This community will ensure that The Scholar's Stage lives on, fresh and vibrant, for many years to come.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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