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About Noway

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Patron has recently added a new Feature that allows to charge immediately. This means, you will be charged immediately and you will be able to play the Special Edition immediately.

Where can I find the immediate Access Code?
The Code that allows you to play immediately can be found on this Site in a POST that only PATREONS can see!  

When will I get my personal Access Code?
Your personal Special Edition Access Code will be sent at the end of every month or even earlier. It depends when I have time to do it. Until then you can use the temporary immediate access code. This Code will be changed from time-to-time and allows only a limited number of activations to protect this system from fraud.

Can I cancel my subscription immediately and will I still receive a personal Access Code?
Yes! As soon as you are charged, write down the immediate Access Code and feel free to cancel your subscription immediately. I will send the Codes at the end of every month or earlier.

Features of Special Edition
• 100% Ad Free Game Experience
• You can pick up heads, throw heads or put them into the shopping cart
• you can throw heads into the basket in the Gym 
• loyalty points increased by 10.000% (every time you claim 1 point you get 100)
• Offline playable (you just need to be connected one time when you activate the game)
• all Costumes/Outfits and all Pets are free
• loyalty points are just needed for the Extended Shop, for Clans, Skills or Relationships (using the 10.000% Bonus it should be quite easy to purchase anything you want)
• nude outfits are not synced in multiplayer networking

If you play with naked skin, a branding appears on the screen in the corner so it is clear for everybody, especially for those lazy sucky Google reviewer. It might be removed later.

Info about Updates
Will I be notified about Updates?
Yes, as soon as a new Update is available an Update Message and a Button will show up in the game that leads directly to the Shared Folder. 

Info about Development
How long will you continue to develop this game? 
Until it's done! I don't think this game will be finished before 2020. 
Updates are released about every 14 days (sometimes earlier sometimes later depending on the developed feature)

For those who can't or don't want to afford this I have launched recently a Free Special Edition Loyalty Program

Reasons for going this way
7th July 2017 will be remembered a sad day for Android, Google Play and everyone who enjoyed playing Schoolgirl Supervisor so far.

On 7th July Google suspended the Special Edition of the game from the Google Play Store without any previous warnings or notifications. REASON was VIOLENCE. For my own safety I have immediately censored the Free Version, Wildlife and even Tactical Schoolgirls.

It is obvious this decision IS WRONG and it is obvious that the FEMALE REVIEWERS did not like this game personally and decided to take it down. It is also obvious that she not even PLAYED THE GAME.
Simultaneously it got even worse. My YouTube Account got a STRIKE, too because of my Ax Execution video! Usually if a Video shows much Violence it is flagged as Adult Content but in my CASE the Video got removed instantly and my Account got a STRIKE!
Compared to other violence Videos like Resident Evil 7, Wolfenstein 2 or Mortal Combat my Ax Execution was so unrealistic with so much cartoon style similar Violence level like if you are watching some DBZ Fights (no-one would ever consider to delete this from YouTube).  
As a result of that I decided to delete about 30+ Videos from my YouTube Channel that was showing any form of Execution, Violence or Dismembering. So in case anyone wonders where all the videos they were deleted. 

I appreciate and I am thankful to anyone who purchased this game in the PlayStore or paid via Patreon!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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