Bobby Howard

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About Bobby Howard

Hello there! My name is Bobby Howard, proprietor of The Schooner Blog, a sports website focusing on the Oklahoma Sooners.

For as long as I can remember, OU football has meant so much to me. I have seen many great things and been cheering on the Sooners for over 23 years. I started my website in 2017 as a way to write about this team and share my experiences and stories with OU football. 

This season, I have decided to take my content to the next level and start a podcast, The Schooner Pod. We are doing the best we can to produce high level content, but between website and podcast hosting costs, this is a pretty expensive endeavor. By supporting this page, you are helping us improve the content quality, as well as boosting the amount of content we can produce. Everything counts.

Thank you for your support! Boomer Sooner!