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I have always drawn everything I found remarkable, because it makes things more tangible and connected. Reality alone is dull and coercive, just consuming what life throws at me is unsatisfying. The only use of the overwhelming absurdity of this world is to milk the inspiration and turn it into art. Turned into paintings, movies, games, it suddenly becomes meaningful and enjoyable. I cant´t stand this existence without Art, I need to escape to other worlds and create my own.

I practice a wide range of creative activities:

-film (animation, practical effects, visual effects)
-drawing and painting (traditional and digital, comics)
-3D art
-photography/photo manipulation
-graphic design
-artisan crafts (papercraft, polymer clay, scrap)
-sound (film sound+music, former audioplays)
-writing (short stories, philosophical stuff)

Sticking to one style is boring. When I see an artwork I like, I want to try it myself, adapt the style to enhance my skills. This could result in a wild mix of styles, but it´s authentic to my thoughts.

I use mostly cheap and simple materials for traditional art, free open source software for digital art, because I like my art to be independent. I like to be inventive and find alternative ways. The lack of money, professional software and equipment is too often used as excuse that something can´t be done. But the actual reason is lack of passion.
Art is the manifestation of our fantasies and it shall not be repressed. Not by inner doubts and blockades, not by ideologies, copyrights and censorship, not by money and not by nature itself.

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