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We want to get all you ScIQ community (that's you) involved in our vid-making! We'll be posting all our vids here first, before they appear on YouTube. We're not sure how far in advance, but usually a good 24 hours - giving you a spoiler-fix, as well as a chance to exclusively edit our grammar!  
No joke - all our supporters are our family, and we always love feedback from family members - so this is your invitation to help us make our vids. There's a reason our first supporters were our mums!
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We'll list your name in the credits as a Co-Creator! You'll enjoy your moment of fame and glory as "Co-created by: Your Name".
(You reserve the right to choose a funny name for yourself)
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We know you could have bought like two-thirds of a pizza with that dough, but instead you wanted to support ScIQ! THANK YOU!
For all that dough-love, we'll give you a personalized tour of our Secret Lair in an Unknown Locat..., ahem, our Studio at the YouTube Space - JUST FOR YOU! If you don't live in New York or LA, we'll record this tour as a personalized digital video tour that only you'll have access to! We'll also buy you a coffee, (which we reserve the right to drink if you're out of town). 
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About ScIQ

We created ScIQ as an excuse to spend hours digging into controversies until we found the truth!
Is God real? Is climate change happening? Are vaccines really helpful? We all have opinions on big issues, and we all believe we're right. If you're only interested in hearing ideas that fit your beliefs, well,  go ahead and tune into MSNBC or Fox News!

But if you're willing to forget your beliefs and explore the inconvenient truths, then ScIQ is here for you!!

We see ScIQ as a way for ordinary people to navigate the world of 'fake news'; by carefully evaluate the evidence and follow the facts - even when those facts make us feel a bit uncomfortable! We're here to find the damning data behind the debates, expose popular misconceptions, and challenge your assumptions. 

ScIQ have teamed up with the The Young Turks Network to create a dedicated TYT Science channel, as a way to help pump a little science into the news agenda. But when we tackle an issue, we *try* to do it with an open evaluation of the evidence, rather than with a political agenda.

So grab your shovel and dig deep into those dirty big issues with us! 

$9.90 of $287 per Video
We did the math: $287 is how much we need to make one daily episode - to cover our costs of equipment, rent, talent and travel to all those science locations (do they really have to put a university in EVERY city?).
When we reach our goal, we will have the funding we need to keep making awesome videos for you, and we won't need any annoying YouTube ads!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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