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My story: 
SCIENCE: a word that made me cringe when I was a kid -- BOOORING! But then, when I was 19 years old, a scientist showed me REAL science, “in action”. I discovered that science is a process of discovery beyond my wildest dreams. In the twelve years since, I have earned a Ph.D. and become a marine biologist, leading adventures around the world. Through science, I've discovered amazing new things about coral reefs and other marine ecosystems that support the well-being of entire regions of people. But science has also changed me. I remain in constant awe that I get to do what I do for a living -- this is why I'm determined to share it with others.

I started, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, to share the thrilling, “secret”, yet very REAL side of science with as broad an audience as possible, through the magic of free, web-based video. With my videos, I aim to show people that science is accessible and thrilling to ALL of us, it can be conducted by ALL of us, and it is truly in the service of ALL of us. Join me here on Patreon, and I promise that any contribution you make will be devoted 100% to spreading this message to as broad and diverse an audience as possible. We will not only change the way people think about science, but we will help inspire a new generation of scientists, of all backgrounds!

How we, together, can help save the world:
If you support my ‘mass science communication campaign’, please consider becoming a patron. You can commit as much or as little per video as you like (for example, $1 per video helps!). I create roughly 2-4 videos per month, except when I’m on an expedition, having scientific adventures in remote locations, when I post videos more frequently (~4-6 per month). Don’t worry: you can easily set a monthly donation cap (say, a max of $5/month), if you’re worried I’ll create too many videos for your philanthropy budget ;). And if Patreon is not for you, you can also make one-time, tax-deductible donations to directly here:

As a token of my appreciation for your support, I provide various incentives, which increase with your pledge amount. But let’s be honest: you support this campaign because you share my mission – you believe that science could better enhance our lives, sustain our environment, and attract a diversity of future STEM leaders of all backgrounds, if we find creative ways to get the secret, adventurous, thrilling, awe-inspiring side of science out to the masses. Words cannot adequately express how passionate I am about this mission, nor how appreciative I am that you support it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Mike Gil, Ph.D.
Founder & Director,
$60 of $100 per video
At $100 per video, I will devote 100% of donations to video dissemination: getting my science videos in front of the eyes of as wide and diverse an audience as possible (including many who misunderstand science). To do this, I will use advertising platforms (e.g., YouTube) that will allow us to reach 5,000 - 10,000 individuals per $100 spent. That's a lot of potential future scientists and science advocates!
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