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Welcome to Science Soapbox!

This podcast was born from the realization that there are few mediums through which the public can be exposed to how science and policy influence each other. As scientists, we find our research intimately tied to the state of science policy and funding in the federal government. As citizens, we want to be better informed about the governing bodies, agencies, and individuals who set the scientific goals for our nation.

In our two years doing recordings we have interviewed nearly thirty people, ranging from federal congresspeople, scientific advisors to countries, prominent scientists, Nobel prize winners, science communication and PR experts, and even graduate students!

We're here on Patreon because despite the podcast running on a minimal budget, the cost of traveling and upkeep (SoundCloud, website maintenance, equipment) makes it difficult to operate without any assistance. If you like the idea of a group of scientists talking to experts in various fields, from cyber-security, to science diplomacy and gene engineering, consider helping us out! A few dollars per podcast will go a long way.


The Science Soapbox Team:
Maryam, Devon, and Avital

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