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Science is crucial for overcoming the global crises of the 21st century.

To make effective decisions, policymakers and the electorate need to be well-informed about relevant evidence and the experts’ opinions.

The role of academia in society is to find and communicate the best evidence available, as well as expert interpretation and opinion. But it also needs to continuously improve its own practices in order to deliver the best evidence and expertise possible. My co-host and I support these efforts with our podcast. Directed predominantly at academics, it features science communicators and discusses science topics that directly impact society as a whole. We further talk about research and publication practices, academia as a workplace, and science careers.

Here on Patreon, you can support us in our work with a monthly pledge! At the moment, we produce this podcast in our spare time and with spare resources. With your help, we will be able to invest further in improving Science for Progress! Our first humble goal is to have our monthly expenses for hosting services and software covered.

You can choose the pledged amount freely! And as a thank you, you will receive immediate access to extended versions of the podcast episodes!

I hope to welcome you to our Patreon community!

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Dennis Eckmeier

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