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About Scix Maddix

In the old days, patrons were wealthy people who wanted a pet artist to call their own. They paid them living expenses, and sometimes commissions, and in exchange the artist would dedicate themselves to creation.

Patreon allows the role of patron to be crowdsourced. Have your own pet novelist. 

My name is Scix Maddix (Scott, to my mom). I have written and self-published one novel, and am working on polishing up for publication two more manuscripts. More novels are in the works. I plan to finish at least one a year. 

I write science fiction and horror with a distinctly diverse cast -- because my own life is surrounded with diverse people, of different orientations, genders, and racial and cultural backgrounds.

A patronage would mean a lot to me. It would make it easier for me to focus on my work without worrying about paying my coffee bill (A prodigious and necessary cost). Of course, coffee expenses is setting the bar low. If I could be assured of basic living expenses, I could be freed from all worries of basic existence. 

Hunger does not make a good novelist, despite the "starving artist" cliche.

So to even the smallest of patrons, I thank you. You are helping create good work.
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A safety net would take loads off my mind.
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