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is creating Video lessons and courses about Traditional Reiki practice.
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About Scoala de Reiki

Școala de Reiki, romanian for "The Reiki School", is dedicated to teaching the Traditional Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho system, as passed down from Master Hawayo Takata.
We are a Bucharest-based organisation teaching mostly to romanian students but also contributing to the Reiki community through means of free Q&A videos, video courses on specific topics as well as public conferences.

Mihai Albu

Traditional Reiki Teacher - Takata's Lineage
The first time i was initiated in a Reiki-like system was back in 1991 and it was a system derived from Radiance Technique.
I practice Traditional Reiki since 2001 and I'm initiated as a Master in Usui Reiki Ryoho since 2006.
My Reiki lineages are the following:
As a Master Teacher / Dai Shihan in Usui (Shiki) Reiki Ryoho:
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → Fran Brown → Mary Goslen → Fueston (in which I'm currently teaching and offering initiations);
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → J. H. Gray → Comee → Fueston;
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → McCullough → Borth → Fueston;
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → Furumoto→ Smith → Rand → Gilberg → Rivard → Riegler → Frank → Beckett; As a Master Teacher / Gokukaiden in Gendai Reiki:
- Usui → Taketomi → Koyama → Doi → Fueston.
As a 2nd degree / Okuden:
- Usui Shiki Ryoho: Usui → Hayashi → Takata → Bockner;
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → Weber (Ray) → Balanescu;
- Usui → Hayashi → Takata → Weber (Ray) → Carlea.
In 2016 I have coordinated an anthology book titled "Reiki – o Energie a Echilibrului" (Romanian for "Reiki - an Energy of Balance"), Meditative Arts publishing house, where 14 Reiki Masters from all over the world have contributed (U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania, U.S.A.).
In 2014 I've published a book called "Reiki, o metoda practica" (Romanian for "Reiki - a practical method"), Lifestyle publishing house.
Since 2012 I'm a member of The Reiki Preservation Society® (U.S.A), who's main purpose is to preserve and pass on the Usui (Shiki) Reiki Ryoho system, just as it was created and taught by Usui → Hayashi → Takata.
In 2012 i founded Scoala de Reiki (romanian for "The Reiki School"), an organisation created with the purpose of teaching the Usui (Shiki) Reiki Ryoho system, the Traditional Reiki system.
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