is creating videos that may disappoint my parents

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If you give me money at all you are great already, so I will shout you out at the end of a video (literally scream).

Tier might change with growth of my channel/patreon, if ever.

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WHAT!? For me this is already the joke tier that will never be fufilled, cuz damn, 5 whole dollars? Wow. You get everything from previous, and I don't even know what else to give you???? My undying love?????

Tier might change with growth of my channel/patreon, if ever.




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Hello! I am Scohui (pronounce it how you like) and I'm a small youtuber that probably is too small to warrant a patreon page but I always wanted to have one and so I made one.

For the time being I would not push anyone to donate, as I don't feel like I've reached the point where I should be paid for what I do but I won't stop anyone if they want to throw a dollar my way (super grateful and I don't even know how to properly thank someone like that, if it exists)
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If I get $100 per month (dunno what that is in €), besides being bonkers, I will be able to get enough money to buy better equipment, which obviously would improve quality of videos, take YouTube on a different level of seriousness ( I would probably already be at lower numbers) and be able to convince my parents that this is for real and they should not disturb me.
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