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About Scoliosis Warrior Podcast

Hello my friends,

I created the Scoliosis Warrior Podcast as a way to serve the Scoliosis community.

Creating, editing, uploading, interviewing & marketing the podcast takes a significant amount of time each week, which I am happy to do- but I get busier and busier and as the podcast continues to grow- I am feeling the strain to keep it going.

I really want to continue to bring you the best guests and the greatest amount of value possible- but I need to hire a technical person to help me out. This way the podcast can continue to grow and reach more Scoliosis Warriors all across the world. 

If you enjoy the podcast, if it has helped you out in any way- I would be so grateful if you can help me continue to keep the show going. Think of it as downloading a song or an album off itunes- or simply think of it as buying me a coffee.

If you have anything to spare, it would mean the world to me if you could contribute to the Scoliosis Warrior Podcast. This way I can make the show even better for you all :) 

Much love,


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