Scott Bateman is creating Robots, Won't We?

Cool Robot

$1 /mo
  • Do a little dance (might I suggest...the Robot?), because you get access to posts on the patron-only feed, where I write about my process, influences, old-school animations I did, and more!...

Mega Cool Robot

$3 /mo
  • And now do another little dance (maybe the Chicken Dance?), as your name will be in the credits of the eventual feature-length Robots, Won't We? mockumentary, probably ready i...

Super Mega Cool Robot

$5 /mo
  • W00t! Your photo or a video of you used in a Robots, Won't We? video (if you want--if you're shy, no big).
  • Which means--if you make it into the feature film version of ...

Ultra Awesome Robot x10

$10 /mo
  • Now this will be FUN: Once a month, I'll send you something via snail mail. It may be a small prop used in one of the videos, it may be one of my storyboard-like drawings from my sketchbook...