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My name is Scott and I am the host of the Austin Art Talk Podcast as well as a photographer for 25 years. I work at a local organic vegetable farm as their photographer and create various other types of images including abstract, travel, and nature.

If you love art and podcasts as much as I do you will appreciate what I am attempting to do. And if you are a person trying to navigate the balances between creative fulfillment, making a living, maintaining relationships, and finding fulfillment, the knowledge I am pursuing might be of help to you. My hunger to learn, connect, and add value, also drives the motivation behind the Austin Art Talk Podcast. The goal is to interview various artists and other creative people and dig into their work, wisdom from their life experiences, and what we can learn from their journey in the world of art and creativity. The podcast was launched in Oct. 2017 and there are on average 3-4 episode a month.

Each episode takes on average 5-7 hours to produce and the work is done solely by me. That includes choosing, communicating with, and scheduling the interviewee, research and prep, doing the interview, editing the audio, writing the text for the episodes webpage, researching links, recording intros and outros, leveling of the finished audio file, and all of the social media posts and communication with listeners to promote it.

I consider it an honor to produce my podcast each week and also find it comforting to have patrons who believe in me and want to show their appreciation for what I am doing. This in turn allows me to focus my attention on the art, giving back in different ways, and seeking out and interviewing artists who will entertain, enlighten and provide some lively conversation while hopefully making the world a better place.

Creating this podcast and hearing all of the wise words of my guests has had the effect of inspiring me to create my own artwork beyond my typical medium of photography. I've started to think about more three dimensional work and performance as a way to express my feelings and story. I look forward to sharing what comes of that with you in the future. Your support to help me make and create a life of humble curiosity and life long learning and skill building is greatly appreciated.

Here is a testimonial from a listener of the podcast. She sent me this email many months ago and I have her words posted on my wall to keep me grounded in who this is for and why I'm doing it.

"I've been listening religiously. I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much these interviews mean to me. I quit my day job and have been making art full time since September of last year. I hit a 'road bump' in my creative process a couple months ago; this 'bump' was an unfortunate catalyst for almost daily existential crises since then. (Maybe calling them 'existential crises' is overly dramatic, but you probably know what I mean...)

A large part of what's pulled me out of my artist-existential-crisis-funk is listening to your podcast. It has really inspired and comforted me, and I'm back to my more confident, creative, courageous self. Your podcast is such a gem. I've been recommending it to all of my artist friends. Your questions are great, there's a nice, conversational flow to your interviews, and I'm learning a ton.

It's helping me become a better artist.

Thank you so much for continually creating and providing an invaluable resource. I can imagine how much work goes into it and I am just so appreciative that you're doing it."

- Makenna Hatter -

$163 of $500 per month
Meeting this goal would allow me to focus less on the financial aspect of producing my podcast while allowing me to direct my energy and attention on being creative and producing a podcast that provides value to the art community and continues to improve and grow.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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