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is creating a second novel in the Fractured Tapestry series
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This is the first and only tier, a simple goodwill gesture of $1. Enough of these could make a huge difference to the final polished production of my second novel. Patreon sets this as a monthly payment, but you can cancel it at any time you like (i.e. after the first payment has been billed). Thank you for your support.




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About Scott Kaelen

Being a low-income author, and being legally blind and living alone (Electa lives in Canada with her children), The Blighted City didn’t get the polished level of production I would have loved for it to have, most importantly some excellent cover art and a beautiful map. Perhaps it will get those things one day, but my focus is now on the second novel. If you have read The Blighted City and would like to help secure my future as an author who is able to publish not only a great story but also a great-looking book inside and out (editor, cartographer, cover artist), you can do so by supporting me on Patreon. If you haven't yet read The Blighted City, you can also support me by buying, reading and reviewing it to raise its sales rank and visibility. Thank you for your support, and I will endeavour to produce an awesome second novel that blows The Blighted City out of the water.
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A beautiful map from a highly skilled fantasy cartographer.An eye-catching, highly professional book cover from a skilled artist.
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