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About Scott Mallon

Who I Am

I am Scott Mallon, known by some as An American in Bangkok. I've been living in Thailand since November 1995, working as an author and photographer. In addition to my photography projects, I also make YouTube videos. Over the course of nearly four years, I have produced over 1000 YouTube videos, providing information and entertaining thousands of people from around the world and answering thousands of questions in an effort to bring Southeast Asia closer to people around the world.

Why I Need Your Support

Producing videos and taking photographs is a full-time endeavor. Every day I research, develop, shoot, and edit videos and photographs so that my subscribers can view my work. The extremely modest revenue I earn for uploading YouTube videos goes right back into my work. Patreon is a superb method of garnering support for artists of all types. You will continue to receive the same content, as well as some first run and exclusive content, plus other rewards depending on the amount of your contribution. Please check the list of specific rewards for each contribution amount.

What You Get

My goal is to bring cool information and the interesting culture of Thailand, Southeast Asia, and other select areas of the world via guerrilla-style videos, podcasts, and photographs for your entertainment and edification...of course, in my own inimitable manner. You'll get the same slightly outlandish videos with improved production quality and a broader range of subject matter. You'll also see higher quality in-house videos and an increased number of videos shot out in the field.

For those who want to get their name or their company's name out, my YouTube channel has approximately 12,000 subscribers and my Facebook page has just over 2700 followers. These numbers are growing quickly.

In addition to providing videos and photographs from Thailand, I was recently in Kathmandu, Bali and Phnom Penh and in the next year, I have projects planned in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Ecuador, the US, and Japan, and of course, I'll be producing short YouTube videos related to each destination.

At best, you'll learn a whole lot and be entertained...or you might get to see me slip and fall on my face. Anything can happen! 


Video Milestones

I try to focus on helping others in my videos. Patreon allows people to help the content creator (me). Although I produce daily (or almost daily) vlogs and I am paid on a per video basis through Patreon the maximum number of videos Patreon patrons are charged for is between eight and twelve. The great thing is the Patron (you) can set the maximum monthly contribution.


If you contribute a dollar a video and set the maximum at five dollars a month, no matter how many videos I produce, your contribution will never exceed five dollars a month. 

My goal is to create videos and photographs that truly matter. It takes money to create projects, whether short or long-term. A dollar or two from my subscribers can go a long way. 

If you are interested in supporting me, please do not feel obliged. My YouTube videos are and will always be free, but if you have a couple bucks to spare each month and want to become a bonafide patron of mine, I am extremely grateful. In fact, I'm grateful for all those who watch my videos! Either way, thanks for following my efforts!

For more details on becoming a Patreon Patron, (becoming a patron, privacy, payments, etc.), please take a look at  the FAQ page! :) Thanks again!

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