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Movies, books, TV shows, comic books, music... I devour them and let you know what I think. In a word: reviews. From new releases to old favorites and everything in between, across the genres, we'll explore an eclectic mix of stories in print, from the speakers, and on screens big and small. 

Yeahsure Editorial
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I'll help you avoid common errors in your manuscript with posts on everything from the fiddly details of hyphen and dash usage to the intricacies of punctuating dialogue. And you can ask me questions about style, manuscript format, and other such arcane publishing matters.

Stuck in the Middle
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Excerpts from, previews of, and annotations for my continuing writing adventures in traditional publishing as well as self-publishing. Perhaps I'll even talk myself into sharing some angsty unpublished poetry or sample drafts.




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About Scott Pearson

I'm a writer and an editor, primarily of genre fiction, and a podcaster. Also sometimes a documentary screenwriter. Always a raving Star Trek fan. Please visit to see the things I've written and edited. Follow me on social media to see what I'm up to, and take a look at my blog, Enemy Lines: Dispatches from a Cranky Writer. I also blog at, the website of the podcast I cohost with my daughter. 

If you've enjoyed any of my writings, or have perhaps seen me on a panel at a con, or have heard me on my podcast or as a guest on other podcasts, please consider supporting my creative efforts by buying a book or sliding me something via Patreon. It's much appreciated and helps fund con appearances and other business expenses!

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