Scott Santens is creating support for unconditional basic income

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One thousand $1 patrons would provide maximum basic income security here on Patreon. Your pledge at this level would function to stabilize my ba...

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My non-public posts require this level of access to see. Thank you for freeing me from riding around on a bike in an 80s movie begging for this from John Cusack.

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Get behind the scenes with my writing. Gain access to a list of what I want to write, and have input into which stories I choose next...

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Be personally thanked by name at the bottom of every BIG article I self-publish on Medium and in the YouTube description of every BIG video I uplo...

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You can read my unpublished articles and works in progress. Leave editing notes to help make them better and more ready for public consumption. ...

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Traveling around the world to advocate for basic income costs money above and beyond a basic income. For everyone who selects this rewa...

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You get your choice of t-shirts I've created to wear your support for basic income. In addition to the above rewards, once activ...