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My name is Scott Erickson and I make my living as a professional artist... which is like taking a vow of poverty. I'm super spiritual ; )

I started this Patreon page because many of you have asked to financially support the work I do. This is humbling in all kinds of ways, and I've had to work through some of my feelings of unworthiness in your support. I'm also wary of being given money in return for some kind of favor. I would rather be thrifty and be able to accomplish what I know I've been asked to do than rich and spending all my time fulfilling favors. But what I decided to do is take your desire to Love and help the work I'm accomplishing and focus it into a project that has been deep in my desires for years....

to create a VISUAL LITURGICAL RESOURCE LIBRARY for the ecumenical and global church!

Using the structure of the church liturgical calendar, I will create an image for every week (and eventually everyday) that can be used by individuals and communities in their spiritual formation. It will be a free resource for to be used in non-money making print and screen usage. 

HOW TO GIVE-----------

I'm foregoing the tier system. I know a suggested giving can be helpful, but the tier system is based on a "you give this much, I give this much" back system. I don't want to work that way. I will be generous to all who give and that will be decided when the time comes. There will be art, and parties, and surprises... but that's all to come. If you would like a suggestion on how to give, here's some thoughts...

-GIVE WHAT YOU WANT - pretty self-explanatory. My goal is to have an average of $12 a person... but anything from $1 to $100 is much appreciated. The more support I gather, the more time I can put into this project.

- $12 -
this is the average give I'm hoping to receive. If you can do this... you're my favorite. If not... I still love you.

- $45 - if you are a church or any kind of faith based community and you plan on using these images for your communal spiritual formation, I would suggest around this price point. Just thinking of it as a monthly image licensing fee that has eternal payback in a few year ; )


I will continue to work on live shows, projects, books, and artwork to support the financial needs of my family. But as this support continues to grow I will a lot more and more time to finishing this resource. When we've concluded this project, we'll move onto the next one together.

A million thanks for your support. I'm honored and humbled.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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