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Welcome all to my page.   My name is Scott White and I have been doing stand-up and improv comedy for over 20 years. For more about me visit my site  I have been all over the world doing my comedy.   I am trying to make my mark in the internet and I want to take all you along for the ride.    First on my YouTube channel I will review anything in 4 1/2 Minutes.   And if you sign up for a certain tier, you can suggest what I review and see if I can get it done in 4 1/2 Minutes   Second, I am the son of Bulldog White.  My father learned to text at 89 and now he is sending me texts about his "past".  All his exploits with all his famous friends.   I have taken those texts and written back stories to those texts.  Do you want to be apart of one of Bulldog's exploits, visit that tier.  Finally, do you know who likes to draw?  Honestly, do you know anyone, cause I can't draw.  I can use apps so I have taken pics of me and pop culture  icons and come up with a four panel comic.   Do you want to put someone into a comic, visit that tier and you can do that!!!    And if you just want to support me we have a tier for that as well.   Thank you for visting my page and hope to hear from you in the future.
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Just showing support for what I am doing.

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Pic who I am talking to in my Hello?  4 Square Comic.

The Dan Aykroyd Podcast
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Looking to make $50.00 to buy a very special VHS to review on The Dan Aykroyd Podcast.

Request something to review
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I review just about anything in 4 1/2 mins.   With this tier you can request something for me to review.

Request a Bulldog Adventure.
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With this tier you can request an adventure for Bulldog to go on, or be part of his adventure.

Extended Review
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If 4 1/2  Minutes are not enough you can request a longer review about an item I have already done, or a new one.

$0 of $500 per creation
When I reach $500.00 I will publish a book of Bulldog Stories.
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