Scotty Clayton is creating comics both webcomic & printed graphic novels

$1 /creation
Token Status!

Every little bit helps! You get to see all the behind the scenes stuff & Comic series projects I have in production before the announcements are publicly made!

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You get a Tiny Bundle!

As a reward, you get a jpeg bundle of the current work of that week. each bundle is different. Tiny Bundles are a .zipped files sent to you after you ...

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Behind the Desk!

Access to see my the behind the scenes stuff: What I use & how I draw  any of my 4 comic series, (Legend of Monkeyronin, The Lost Sovereign, Sammy &...

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Artist Pledge!

Yeah! This is for any artist who would like one of my files to mess around with! It's one PSD file that includes:
1 Color and Final Art Character ( the one...

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Mondo Pledge!

 Besides getting access to see what coming up soon from my Comic Dojo, let's chat!  Since I can't invite everyone to my apartment, a video chat or Video Vlog (...

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Printed Bundle!

  A patron from my page will get a 11 x 17 high quality prints from the poster gallery and two printed issues of your choice. Selection is limited in variety...

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 Super Bundle Prize!

First, you patrons rock! Second, you get the above listed because you rock!

A print that depicts a scene from one of my books, your name on the S...