Scout Magazines is creating hyperlocal journalism.

Honorary Scout

$5 /mo
You’ll get a Scout koozie. Keep your hands dry and your drink cold while showing off to everyone you’re a proud Scout supporter.  

Super Scout

$10 /mo
You’ll get the koozie and a Scout Magazines “Local Media Hero” tote bag. Plus, bragging rights! You’ll also get a shoutout on our Scout Supporters page.

Scout Hero

$20 /mo
You’ll get everything mentioned before, plus a Scout T-shirt. That’s three items to show off what a proud supporter you are of Scout's hyperlocal journalism. You’ll also get the shoutout o...

Scout Legend

$50 /mo
You’ll get a gift basket full of all the Scout “Local Media Hero” swag listed before, as well as a Scout mug! Plus, you’ll be an actual legend in our book - and get top-billing on our Scout Sup...