is creating the SCP Café Podcast and the SCUTTLE backup platform.

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If you're not concerned about the podcast and just want to support the SCUTTLE backup system on a regular basis, please use this tier and set the amount you wish to give. Currently no benefits to speak of beyond helping to keep the most complete backup of the SCP universe in the world, it is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, my name is bluesoul, SCP Wiki Moderator, chat administrator, subreddit moderator, author, loving husband, dog petter, cologne aficionado, Tottenham Hotspur supporter, and Patreon hoster.

SCP Café is my podcast, where I discuss, deconstruct, and offer critique on articles posted to the SCP Foundation wiki. I also run a store that directly benefits the wiki and graphic artists with each purchase. But users have requested a Patreon where they can support me in this way. I'm humbled by the request.

I am also working on the most comprehensive backup on the planet of the SCP Foundation Wiki and related sites like the foreign wikis and the Wanderers Library. I am a data hoarder by nature and a big believer that the only backups you can trust are the ones you own. Thus, the SCUTTLE project has been ongoing for a couple of years and, as of October 2018, is in its most elaborate state yet, providing nearly continuous backup of nearly two dozen wikis. Unfortunately, those costs are also slowly climbing.

SCUTTLE currently serves three purposes. One, obviously, it's a backup of wiki data. Pages, revisions, files, user info, forums, threads, posts, and so on. Two, it provides methods for users and staff to query the database for any number of useful things that they currently can't do on the actual wiki. Three, as it grows, the architecture will begin to resemble what we might actually use when we move to our own platform. I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional and with more funds, I can design the system to behave much like the real thing will, and we'll see benefits for that at every step, both from a performance standpoint as well as an educational standpoint on my part.

Going forward in 2020, all Patreon funds will be directly paying for SCUTTLE and growing that infrastructure.  Your patronage will directly benefit efforts to preserve the Wiki and grow it into its next generation. Store funds will still have their previous allocation of funds going to Project Foundation and going to creators.
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SCUTTLE Tier 3 moves to a highly-available stack, with 2 t3.small EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer and RDS goes to Multi-AZ (synchronous replication). Lightsail is removed.
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