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About FreedomBay

Welcome to SCP: Deleted Chronicles patreon page!

Here you can support our project and dev team. The game is fully free, so we highly appreciate any help you give us.

What is this project?

SCP: Deleted Chronicles is a multiplayer game being developed by FreedomBay team. Game is currently in early development stage.

Choose your side and complete your team goals to win the round. Make your way through a giant underground complex full of mysteries and dangers. Create your own story with the help of our deep roleplay system. Explore Area 12, communicate with your team and use any advantage you get to destroy your opponents!


  • 8 Playable SCPs, each with its own unique mechanics.
  • SCP upgrades that allow you to improve skills and stats to play any style you want.
  • Several unplayable SCPs that are spread all around the facility: SCP-153, SCP-647 and many more!
  • Interactive complex: use cameras, break doors, turn off lightning and destroy everything with a nuclear explosion!
  • Realistic mechanics and weapons. Fight your way using melee, pistols, grenades and big guns.
  • 3 main teams: SCP Foundation, Chaos Insurgency and Chaotics. More teams in the future!
  • Over 20 human classes: MTF, RRU, Security, Scientists, Junior Personnel, Loyal and unloyal Class D, CI Spy - all with class subdivision.
  • Deep character system, which includes customizable base characteristics, abilities and appearance.
  • Unique round objectives for every character. Complete them all to bring the victory for your team.


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  • We do not issue refunds once you have claimed one of Tier's rewards.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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